Tips to get cheap flight tickets with Google Flights

By | August 24, 2019

There are lots of ways to lower your travel cost in which Google Flights is one way. You can save a big amount of money on flight tickets using google flights. Do you want to buy an airline ticket and the cost of air travel is on the peak. Relax and you don’t have to worry!

Google Flights search engine would do everything for you to assume such as find flights according to your pocket and requirements. As we all know to book in advance has always been a good idea. Google flights made it possible for you to book flights within your travel budget and get the best price with the price comparison tool. 

Features of Google Flights

Google Flights serve results of all travel options within a second and it is very fast on both web and mobile platforms. Google flights are a user-friendly search engine to search for flights. When you enter your travel dates, departure and arrival location, the number of passengers and class of service then you will get selected flights of the lowest dollar cost. 

Difference between Google flights and Other travel sites is that google flights do not sell your tickets directly. It redirects you to the airline’s official website if you want to make the purchase for a flight ticket. Google flights have lots of features that you can’t imagine and can beat a human travel agent. Using these features such as flexible dates calendar feature, tip bar, and pricing tracker, you can find flights in a dozen different ways. 

Now, Lookout these Google Flights tips and tricks to get cheap flight tickets and save more money on your next trip.

Get alerts when prices going to increase

When you use Google flights on your phone, you will get a notification that shows prices are going to increase for particular flights. The notification will not pop up for every route but they predict for you after how much time the prices will be high. 

Search for general location and get a map of specific flight prices

Type on Google any location and you will get a map with lots of different flight prices. For example, just type flights to America in google and then click on the result. You can see the map of the whole continent with prices will pop up. You can capmare the locations which will suit your pocket. You can also use a filter such as type of airline, duration of flight and price so that you will get even better prices of flights.

Google will show you the best flights for your pocket

After searching the arrival and departure location google shows results Best flights. This result tells that which flights have the best price and speed. Google also shows top picks in green color which means the lowest and best prices.

Automatically shows options that save your money

When you search for a flight that has a very high cost then a tip bar shows above the results which show that how much money you will save if you travel earlier date or from a different airport. From this option, you can decide the flight price and travel date according to your expenses.

Keep an eye on your itinerary for saving money

If you are searching for a flight then you do not have to ignore date tip which shows at the top of the screen. This tip tells you how much money you can save if you change your travel dates and get the best prices for your flights.

Get monitored your flight prices by google flights

When you discover a flight you like, at that point click the “Save this itinerary” and let Google track the prices of flights. You can open the application in your phone to perceive how costs are changing, and Google will email you if the prices go down significantly. 

Bottom Line

Seeing how to utilize Google Flights can help to cut your flight ticket cost down. With the features of google flights flexible dates calendar, tip bar, and pricing tracker, a search of flights can be easier and user-friendly. You can also consider changing your arrival and departure airport to reduce the cost of your flight prices. 

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